Friday, October 17, 2014

Triberg Water Fall: A Perfect Sunday Retreat

When we travel, we usually make sure to go to church in each area we visit. Because the weekend we spent in Black Forest coincided with LDS General Conference, we wouldn't get the chance to attend church, and without WiFi at our hotel, we also wouldn't get to watch conference live. So instead, we decided to enjoy the natural beauty of the Black Forest and have a Sunday devotional as a family. The location: the Triberg Waterfalls

It was an absolutely beautiful area, so beautiful that no one complained about the steep hikes. 


After getting some photos by the waterfalls, we hiked above the falls and found a place to stop, read the scriptures, and enjoy the atmosphere. 

We focused on Alma 30:44, where the prophet Alma says that "the Earth and all thins that are upon the face of it" are proof there is a God. Triberg was a nice backdrop to discuss that scripture. 


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