Sunday, March 6, 2016

Expat Snippet: Barcelona Road Trip to Zaragoza

One of the hidden gems of Spain is Zaragoza, a city conveniently located midway between Barcelona and Madrid, making it a nice short rest stop for road trips between cities. Click the picture, below, to see our Expat Snippet Video:

The main cathedral, St. Maria del Pilar, hovers majestically over the city and features an amazing story. While at the cathedral, we noticed a group of women, probably in their 70s, watching us tour the inside with our 4 boys. When I walked up to them to ask them a question about the cathedral, they gave us the history of the cathedral, which includes two World War II bombs that were dropped on the cathedral, but that did not explode.

The town also features a fort, which we did not get to, but the views around the central part of the city are simply amazing, and not to be missed:

Link to our video:

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