Sunday, March 6, 2016

Expat Snippet: Going Foodie in Brugges, Belgium

The "Venice of the North" may be even more Venice in its yummy eats than its canals, and less Venice its crowds! In our newest Expat Snippet Video, we explore the the fun of going foodie with kids. Gelato at DaVinci's is the best we've had in Europe (better than Venice), and the waffles and chocolates were, as billed, delicious. The fries weren't too different than American fries though. Click the link on the picture, below, to access the video:

While doing your food tour around Brugges, it'll be tempting to hit the main spots: Chocolate at Dumon, the fries in the central square, and waffles at Oyya, but don't sleep on the little fresh fruit markets around the side streets. The fruit was sweeter than we've ever tasted, which makes us wonder how much the GMO and pesticides really change our fruit in the U.S.

Another unsung place is Sitamandje, a sandwich shop right off of the main square. This sandwich shop is unlike any other we've been to. The sandwiches are unique and unusual. Our favorite was the curry sandwich.

The best part of all this eating in Brugges? There are plenty of calorie-burning sights to walk to throughout the city.

We had a rental car in Brugges, but didn't use it within the city, since it's mostly closed to vehicles and isn't convenient even if you have one. In fact, we highly recommend staying at the Ibis Brugges Centrum, which is right next door to the main train station and is a 10 minute walk to the main center.   It's extremely convenient and the value for your dollar is incredible. The rooms may be small, but they're clean and inexpensive (between 40-50 Euro a night), which means you've got extra cash to enjoy the food!

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  1. Great post. We loved Brugges as well!

    1. Thanks Gessell. I feel like we barely even scratched the surface of the good food there.